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This is a wiki for the science fiction series Evolution Wars created by Jared. It is meant as a database for all of the series events, characters, technology, races, and whatnot. It also will be eventually featuring an open chat room for others to enjoy.

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Evolution Wars is an upcoming science fiction series about a intergalactic war between several major races each fighting for their own view of what the main catalyst for evolution will be. Thus far the three main factions; The Igarrians, the Braxxians, and Dark Void have been engaged with several campaigns on a galactic scale.

All three sides have their beliefs and their reasons; The Braxxians believe that evolution can only be attained by pure artificial methods, and that cybernetic augmentation along with the practices of cybernism will pave the way to an intergalactic unified utopia. The Forces of Dark Void believe in genetically altering their own DNA in order to create bio-organic energy hybrids and link every living thing to "the Void". The noble Igarrians wish to make up for their past transgressions to the densins of the galaxy and bring hope for humanity in the form of religious hope and ecological change.

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The three main factions as of yet.