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Quatraxis Treston is a cybernetic member of the Braxxian Empire. He's a somewhat young cyborg who's biological age is around 25.Quatraxis is featured as the main protagonist in the story Cyberwarfare. He starts off as a simple off duty Reaver Scout stationed in the Braxxian city of Astire, but eventually events unfold that lead him down a dangerous path that questions his very beliefs as a Braxxian citizen.


Like many Braxxians Quatraxis is known to appear tall due to his cybernetic augmentations to his body with his exo-suit. Most often he is seen from the outside of his cybernetic body and has the build of the standard Reaver class model of exo-bodies. On the inside however it is known that he possess red hair and green eyes.His biological muscles are quite refined on the inside due to the intensive training and conditioning he overtook while in basic training.


Despite his intimidating appearance Quatraxis is known to be a calm and friendly guy personally. He is also known to be quite dedicated to his service within the Braxxian Empire as well as a normal law abiding citizen off duty. He is often known to take orders without giving a second thought to the reasons behind them, that is until he met a certain Igarrian Blue Spy named Melissa.


Quataxis was born in the northern hemisphere Braxxian city of Astire. As a child Quatraxis was a "youngling",( a native born Braxxian citizen who has the right to remain un upgraded until they hit age 22. )

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