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Queen Brunia,(otherwise known as "Storm",) leader of the Voidians and the Dark Void army. Picture made by:


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Storm the Tempest/Harbinger of the Void is the queen of all Vodians and is known to have descended from a family line that traces back to the first loyal servants to the Void. Her real name is known to be Brunia, but she gained the title name "Storm" after showing her ferocity in battle,  and her campaign of conquest across the galaxy.

She is known to be highly dangerious and to posses years of training with her powers and to have the upmost devotion to the Void and the Voidians. She is not afraid of being in battle and is known to posses a sadistic obsession with conquest.


Young Brunia grew up with her royal family within one of the Void Utopian worlds known as Turandus Darr.  As a child she would play with her powers and cause mischief while trying to avoid her families political advisers and council. Brunia was known to take keen interest in studying about her powers and the Void through her lessons with her mentors. As would  many voidian children, Brunia would come to know the Void as a kind of second father figure, if not symbolically. Sadly however Brunia was known to as poweful for her age compared to normal Voidian children for her age.This would however only fuel her devotion to train with her powers and to make herself to become stronger.
Storm the tempest by tsujito-d7o9cuq

Queen Storm trying to practice controlling her natural Voidian abilities. Picture made by: Tsujito

Yet something was different about her compared to the other members of her family, Brunia saw her powers to be somewhat underutilized. She wanted to sharpen them, make them grow, and make them become powerful tools to be feared. She would often attend sparring sessions with her uncle who as astonished about his niece's fascination with the art of combat. She would eventually come to find that she craved for battle and felt it was her destiny to use her powers for something greater.

Eventually that opportunity arrived to Brunia, a Braxxian detachment was sent to her planet to investigate and conquer it. This led to her familiar's kingdom to become under assault. While many Vodians resisted her family tried to hide from the malicious cyborgs. However Brunia didn't flee. She instead ventured out of the citadel and eventually came into contact with a Braxxian.

The solider tried to fire upon her with it's lasers, but Brunia soon found out that she accidentally absorbed it's energy, she could feel her powers growing stronger and advanced closer to the unwitting cyborg. It fired a volley of it's laser at her but she held out her hand and seemingly fed upon it's energy until she gotten into close range.

She then conjured up a construct using an technique her uncle taught her, to summon up an sword made of pure plasma.

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