Braxxian empire logo by jaredthefox22-d72gchg

The Braxxian Empire flag.

The Braxxian Empire is a main antagonist race in Evolution Wars, as well as a protagonist race ever so often. The Braxxians are a race of cybernetic humans who believe that galactic evolution must be created by advancements in cybernetic technology. They hail from the planet Braxxus and were once refugees from the Igarrian Empire under the tyrannical rule of king Laigus “The Eradicator” who once ruled the planet Ruria with an iron fist before being dethroned a millennia ago. As such, the Braxxians have a natural hatred to their former Igarrian brethren and seek revenge for their ancestors past transgressions.

The Braxxians planned to accomplish this by “upgrading” themselves with cybernetics and going on a crusade across the galaxy. One interesting aspect about the cybernetic Braxxians is how they still yearn to retain their humanity, even while defying it with their own creations. Citizens and soldiers under the empire have to mandatory “upgrade”, yet they leave the central nervous system of they converted cyborg mostly unaltered. They believe you are allowed to retain what you are mentally and emotionally, as long as you are loyal to the empire.  Yet if you are condemned for crimes you can be subject to lobotomization.

The empire is led by a group known as the Administration. They are a council with members hailing from all corners of the empire. The head of the Administration is the Founders. They are the top hierarchical members, some even dating from the rule of Laigus himself. Although this may seem democratic, many of the members have become corrupt over the years and have set about maintaining their own political power for their own interests, rather than the good of the empire.

Recently the belief of “cybernism” has spread throughout the political parties and military within the empire. This ideology of spreading the belief of a unified cybernetic Braxxian galaxy is spurred by their cultural beliefs and animosity to the “fleshful”. Now the Braxxian Empire seeks to unify the galaxy under their banner, and bring about a mass upgrade to the galaxy’s other inhabitants, willing or not.

The Braxxian military is not to be taken lightly. They possess a vast and often more technologically superior force then many of their opponents. The Braxxian space navy is feared throughout the galaxy for its vast fleets and liberal use of orbital weaponry and heavy guns.

Yet it is the Braxxian ground forces that drive fear into the hearts of the enemies of the empire. The Braxxians rely on their augmentation and their technology to produce a variety of effects on the battlefield. As much as their resources as spent into technological development, (mostly for military use,) they have a substantial amount of equipment and a variety of weaponry at their disposal.

In battle Braxxians can be as cold as their metal exo-bodies appear.  Each Braxxian has become accustomed to using their individual augmentations and as such have mastered many aspects of their specific weaponry. Despite their careless appearance, many Braxxian soldiers are fiercely loyal to their empire and may even have self detonation devices on their bodies to prevent capture, or take their foes down with them in case of a hopeless battle.


All Braxxians originate from either the planet Ruria, or her sister colonies. The Braxxians were once Igarrians themselves and fully human. The Braxxians originate from the Orange Party political movement that took place in the waning days of King Laigus's reign. Unlike the Blue Party which believed it had to fight for freedom, the Orange Party decided it would be best to flee the planet and turn to the stars for a new world they could call their own. Eventually the succeed from the planet Ruria and their tyrannical king and was able successfully escape the king's space fleet.