Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Igarrian flag request by kylanni-d7h0lza

The Igarrian banner, made by DA user: Kylanni

"For the House! For the Duke!"

-Standard Igarrian battlecry.

The Igarrians are one of the main races in Evolution Wars. They serve as the primary human race, (as well as the Braxxians to a lesser extent). They are considered to be the protagonists throughout many parts of the series and are one of the more progressive races despite their dark history.

Most Igarrians hail from their homeworld of Ruria, although some come from their sister colonies that were set up under the dark days of King Laigus's rule. Igarrians are known to be the most human out of many of the other races and also to be the most spiritually minded ones at that.

Many Igarrians have converted from what was a formerly non-religious society that was somewhat apathetic about life and serving a despot into a now more hopeful and optimistic minded people.

The Igarri are known many other, more practical minded attributes as well. They are master crafters and ship builders as well as engineers. Their fleet, while smaller than the Braxxian, and less armed with super weapons such as Dark Void's fleets, are better designed and have known to take on ships larger are more numerous than their own and still come out victorious in battle.

What the Igarrians really shine in are their soldiers. The brave men and women of the Igarrian Kingdom are trained to be almost fearless despite being at odds with some of the most dangerous and unusual races in the galaxy. Their fanatical attitude towards serving the duke and their experienced and daring warriors and pilots have allowed them to stand on par with other races.

Also the Igarrians are known to be masters of infiltration, espionage, stealth, and sabotage. Their feared "blue spies" are known throughout the galaxy for waging covert and special ops right under their enemy's noses.


"To understand the past is to be prepared for the future."-An old Igarrian proverb.

All Igarrians originate from the forest world of Ruria. This lush and vibrant world has been the center of Igarrian culture and society for centuries. It was on this world that the Igarrian Kingdom came to be, unfortunately it was also where its former predecessor, the Igarrian Empire arose as well.

Under the tyrannical and oppressive rule of King Laigus, "the Eradicator", the Igarri became a vicious and dominating empire. Laigus's policies of galactic conquest, state sponsored nihilism, genocide, and strict monarchy authoritarianism lead to the Igarrians becoming savage, arrogant, and warlike race trying to conquer most of the galaxy.

Many Igarrians openly hated Laigus however, and flames of rebellion was well lit in the hearts of many Igarri. It would be his oppressive actions that would pave the way for the two rebel factions: The Blue Party, which would eventually cause his demise, and the Orange Party, which fled into the starts to escape his rule only to come back as the feared and dreaded Braxxian Empire.

While the Orange Party separated from the Igarrian Empire and became refugees, the Blue Party started a revolt against their unjust king.

Both parties were successful in their goals however, the Orange Party found a new home on the habitable world of Braxxus, while the Blue Party was able to overthrow and execute their despotic king. Soon however both parties would become bitter enemies.

Years later the newly titled Braxxians sent ships to Ruria in order to overthrow Laigus.  When they arrived however they discovered Laigus had been executed and that they Blue Party had taken over. Knowing they were out gunned and that the new Igarrian Kingdom was more motivated the Braxxian Administration decided to instead return back to their new homeworld and prepare to take their old one back by force.

Now the newly created Braxxian Empire seeks to assimilate its former home into the Braxxian Empire, which in return the Igarrians have vowed to defend themselves against this agression.


Igarrians are known to be a medieval like race with an abundant amounts of castles and Gothic like architecture on their home-world of Ruria. Even though they are known to be capable of building highly advanced star ships and weaponry, they still rely on many of their traditional designs when building structures.

The Igarrians seemed to have had a tremendous cultural renaissance after the fall of King Laigus. Once the Igarrians were apathetic and forced to be more militant minded now they are able to let their passion for their dreams and their ideas run wild in their creations.

With their new found identity the work passionately to create beautiful works of art and engineering. They are known to be some of the finest craftsmen and craftswomen in the galaxy, making only the best space ships in terms of quality. Each ship and building is a work of art and would be an insult to their culture to not be of the finest and more importantly the most durable quality.

Since the advent of the religious idea of Ruralism, the belief in a spiritual connection between man and his environment came to pass many Igarrians have taken their religious beliefs and have assimilated it into their works, making magnificent artworks to honor their goddess Iuna and more importantly nature.

Igarrians now are very environmentally conscious and try their best to create public works that help keep nature and humanity in harmony with one another. Since the fall of Laigus and the ascension of Duke Atreia the government of Ruria and the Igarri have dedicated itself into natural preservation of the planet.

Sadly however the Igarrians have to face a new threat, the Braxxian Empire. This has lead to a tradition of honor and warrior lines of families within the Igarri. Igarrian hunters and former revolutionaries have been training their decendents in the art of warfare and conflict for decades leading many families to vow to defend the planet Ruria and her people.Many Igarrians are taught in the deep and lush forests of Ruria how to survive in the wilderness and how to fight. This has given the Igarri an edge in rural combat on other worlds, such as Atarrak.