DV insignia

The insignia of the Voidians, made by: Tsujito

The Voidians are a major antagonist race within Evolution Wars. They're a race of highly evolved plasma hyrbids with the ability to manipulate, control, and wield the most abundant state of matter in the universe for their goals. 

All Vodiians are connected to the Void, an intergalactic network of ion storms, wormholes, and "Voided Worlds" that is in fact a a living entity that is also the primary source of all their powers.

While many Voidians are known to inhabit multiple voided worlds, deep space, and within the Void itself, the planet Turandas Darr is particularly crucial as it is the staging world for Queen Brunia, "The Harbinger of the Void."

Under her leadership the people and assimilated xenon races of the Void are lead on a galactic campaign of domination and interplanetary conquest under the banner of her personal intergalactic militant force, Dark Void.


Much of the Vodian's history is shrouded in mystery. While it is believed the Void itself has been around since the Big Bang, the Voidians themselves are still skewed in historical origins. Many believe they were Igarrians who went on an interplanetary exhibition to Void space and never returned, others believe they originate from a planet that was the first one to be assimilated into the Void collective. Whatever the case maybe it seems they have embraced the Void as a deity and hold in what could be equivalent to the most highest religious figure, even though they are known to be staunch evolutionist due to the process that allows them to "evolve" into the plasma hybrids they are. 

Fire contact with them on a hostile note is believed to be between an  Braxxian Empire detachment looking to conquer the world of Turandas Darr. The Braxxians were ill prepared to face the full might of the Voidians and may perhaps in turn allowed the Voidans to enter the Great Evolution War.

One thing is certain now, they do not come in peace and are fully prepared to stage full intergalactic warfare on any other non-voided beings in the galaxy. Under Storm's leadership they have successfully conquered the Braxxian world of Seris and have also claimed each outlying world outside the Void as their own, terraforming them to their needs and assimilating them into the Void itself.


Little is known about Voidian culture thus far, what is known however is their devotion to the Void. While they view themselves as being created by the advancement of biological science and the pennicle of evolution compared to all other non-voided creatures they still show worship to the Void as a father figure.

The Voidins use their plasma abilities for everyday use it seems. From cooking, to hunting, to proving who is the strongest and most destined to be in charge. Yet they all are connected to the Void and are taught by it to care for one another as they are all it's children. This has lead to several "Voidopias", Voided Worlds that are primarily chosen to be breeding grounds and small edens for the Voidians to live in peace, (within their own society that is,) and prosperity.


Voidians are known to greatly vary in their species and forms. Yet they are known to be devised into two castes, the greater and the lesser Voidians. Greater Voidians mostly tend to be mammalia and are known to the be main sentient races within the Void collective. Their ability to be cognitive is the primary determining factor between the two castes, even the ability to sense emotions or the ability to be taught is seen as Superior to the lesser Voidians who are mostly creatures that are used a beast of burden.
Dark void hound by krystalthestardragon-d7ha59z

Void Hounds are among the "greater" caste of the Voidian collective, these once normal or xenon canines have been bread to become faithful servants and companions along side other Voidians. They are also bread to join and serve in the ranks of Dark Void as scouts and support units. Picture made by: http: Krystalthestardragon

Humans tend to be on the top of this list,(as well as any other completely sentient xenon species) due to their ability to be fully cognitive and learn. Other mamalic species that are known to be assimilated into the Void collective is that of

.canines,  (often seen as "Void Hounds".)

, whales (The Giganti Space Whale has been known to be augmented to suit Dark Void's needs as a carrier and troop transport vessel within the Dark Void space navy.)

, bats (Often the giant "Terror Flyer" bat of the planet Igua is known to be the primary greater void flying unit and is prized as a sentient mammal that can be suited to the Voidian's needs.

, monkeys (The Void Primates are species of any non-human ape like animal that is assimilated into the Void, they are often trained to have specialized tasks that allow them to be of support within the Void collective.)

, and even mice and other mammalia rodents.(Often used to send messages or infiltrating scouts within Dark Void.)

Yet their roles vary greatly between civilian Voidian and Dark Void army life.

Void species

The Void collective comes from all walks of life, but every one serves the Void. Picture made by Tsujito.

The lesser caste of Voidians tend to be reptilian,  insectoid,  avion,  or aquatic in nature. These animals happily preform the simplest of tasks within the Void collective and are mostly not seen in Dark Void, save for the mightily Void Worm. A gigantic beast that is used as siege unit and a boarding vessel, and the Void Leech which is commonly used as a anti ship mine in space or the much smaller versions as type of grenade or mine creature.


While believed to be more disorganized and not as practical as other races, the Dark Void army is one to be highly feared. They are comprised of only the finest and strongest of Vodians and are known to take full advantage of their "gifts". They fully utilize their powers in combat and are not afraid to go at their enemies with full, merciless force.

The Dark Void space navy is known to use terror weapons known as "Assimilator Canons". These dreaded weapons are particle beam canons that are able to carry the vile "Void Virus" that can forcefully control a ship and forcefully evolve it's crew to be assimilated into the Void collective. The only known way of stopping this virus is literally killing the entire section of crew that were infected when the virus enters a ship.

Dark Void naval vessels are known to be astoundingly sentient, even self aware and alive. It's belive their naval vessles are operated by their crew linking up with the ships and guiding them through a collective concious, yet this can come at a cost to a crew if the ship is to take damage it might be more mentally draining for the ship coordinator to bear and might kill the operator. This is why only the most exsperenced and mentally stable captains are selected.

Dark Void's ground forces also cannot be underestimated, in fact they are one of the most ferocious races in terms of ground combat and warfare. Not only do Dark Void utilizes it's vast array of versitile species and it's poweful plasma abilties, but also it is known to be lead by the ruthless and cunning Storm.